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Career Services hosts 

workshops covering various career related topics ranging from "Resume 101" to "Social Media & Networking."


Field Trips

Every Friday in October the Career Services Team takes a group of students to various industry related companies in Chicago. This is a fun way for students to see how they can put their degrees into action, as well as learn about the industry in Chicago as a whole. 


Part-Time Job Fair

The Career Services team hosted its first annual Part-Time Job Fair in September 2016! Various employers were invited to attend and meet with students who are actively seeking employment while in school. This is a great way to facilitate our students with job opportunities and an ideal way to learn the importance of networking.

Alumni Events

After graduation you will become a part of the Alumni Association. You will receive notifications about all upcoming Alumni Events including periodical meet and greet sessions in both Chicago and Los Angeles.


Internship Fair

Career Services hosts an annual Internship Fair for all current students. The intention of the Internship Fair is to facilitate industry introductions for

students seeking internship opportunities throughout their time at TFC.

Companies who have participated in the past include Jellyvision, The Mill, Whitehouse Post, Hallmark Cards, Inc., Riot Fest, The Metro, GrubHub, Fort Knox and many more!

Career Fair

The Career Services team hosts an

annual Career Fair for our expected

graduates. Employers from various industries are invited to attend and view student work as well as take part in

a Job Fair. This is a great way to facilitate our graduates with job opportunities and an ideal way for students to learn the importance of networking and branding

in their field.



Workshops are currently postponed until

further notice.

Website 101

Building a website to showcase your work, personal style and personality is a great way to catch an employers eyes. Especially in media, arts and communication fields. This may seem daunting at first, but after taking this one-hour workshop we’ll show you easy ways to build your own workshop and what sort of information to make sure you include.

Interviewing Skills

We’ll discuss popular interview questions, why they are being asked, and what the employer is hoping to gain from asking a particular question. In addition, we’ll discuss ways to properly prepare for an interview and how to make sure you put your best foot forward.


Résumé 101

We’ll discuss how to develop a résumé, what information must be included and what information can be avoided. We'll also discuss common résumé "do's and don'ts," and focus on the importance on making your résumé unique and a strong representation of you as a professional.


Understanding LinkedIn

It’s quickly becoming most Recruiter’s one-stop-shop for finding candidates. With that in mind, it’s imperative that you understand it’s benefits and how it works. Join us as we discuss why LinkedIn isn’t just for stuffy folks in suits and how you can use it to your benefit.


Cover Letter 101

Cover letters are easily one of the more daunting parts of applying to jobs and internships alike. This hour long workshop focuses on using any given job posting to your benefit when writing a cover letter and provides attendees with tips and tricks to writing a cover letter that will get you an interview.


Internship Fair

This workshop is geared towards current students interested in securing an internship while in school. We’ll discuss how to approach guest employers, how to talk about yourself, your skills, your experience and your work. We'll also discuss follow-up and networking strategies..


Social Media & Networking

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine – with more social media platforms than ever, we’ll cover how to decide which ones to use and how to harness them all to benefit your career.

Professional Correspondence

We live in a digital age, so knowing how to communicate professionally via e-mail is key. During this 45-minute workshop we’ll focus on professional email, thank you notes and general communication with potential employers.


Career Fair

This workshop is geared towards graduating students interested in securing employment opportunities in their field of study, as well as networking among industry professionals. We’ll discuss how to approach guest employers, how to talk about yourself, your skills, your experience and your work. We'll also discuss follow-up and networking strategies..




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