The objective of the Tribeca Flashpoint Alumni Association is to provide continued career guidance and assistance including: interviewing advice, notification of industry employment opportunities (full-time, part-time, freelance/contract, paid internships) via the Alumni Job Board, and a networking resource for all alumni and future graduates. Such assistance can only be rendered in a meaningful manner when there is cooperation and collaboration between the graduate and the Career Services department.  The following guidelines outline the main responsibilities to be assumed by graduates in order obtain the full extent of services.
  •  Getting a job is ultimately the graduate's responsibility and the Career Services department can only offer advice, meaningful resources and assistance.  Graduates must make independent attempts to secure employment and must not rely solely on the Career Services department.

  • Graduates must provide a final, complete and accurate, up-to-date copy of their résumé to the Career Services department, which MUST include a link to graduate's portfolio / website. This is the first and main request from employers, so make sure that websites or portfolios are frequently updated!

  • Graduates are encouraged to maintain regular contact with the Career Services department to review the progress of their job search. Career Services is unable to know how graduates are doing if they don't keep in touch with Career Services. Career Services can properly assist graduates only if graduates cooperate and collaborate throughout their job search.

  • Graduates are encouraged to grant the Career Services department permission to release certain information about them as potential candidates, including their résumé, portfolio and cover letter, to prospective employers.

  • Graduates are strongly encouraged to report the results of each interview and each job opportunity to the Career Services department as soon as possible, regardless of whether they receive an offer. Graduates are also encouraged to notify the Career Services department when they obtain employment so that the Career Services department may retain accurate records regarding industry involvement, starting dates, title and responsibilities.

  • Career Services does not require graduates to disclose their salary information, but it's strongly recommend that an approximate salary average be disclosed at the very least in order for Career Services to be aware of salary trends among recent graduates. This information will allow Career Services to properly assist and inform future graduates when dealing with salary negotiations and requirements.

  • Graduates are also encouraged to keep the Career Services department informed of any changes of address, employment, contact information (location, telephone number & email address) and of any circumstances which might impact their availability to secure employment. 










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