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From March 11th - 14th, Recording Arts students Kris Franzen and Ryan Guida were selected to accompany Career Services to attend SXSW 2016 in Austin, TX. They were the ideal students to take part in the conference, as they truly took advantage of their time there. They attended many events such as, keynote speakers, film screeneings, workshops, networking parties, etc. 


Their participation in SXSW not only benefited both Kris and Ryan recreationally, but most importantly, professionally. The conference definitely helped them prepare for the Career Fair held on campus on Friday, April 8th, as they had to strike conversation with multiple industry professionals and talk about themselves and their work.


A big thank you goes out to Kris and Ryan as they were the perfect SXSW partners! 




Andrea Ross from the Animation & VFX program has been recognized as Valedictorian for the class of 2016. CONGRATULATIONS, Andrea!


We are extremely excited and happy to extend our good wishes to you on this recognition. You are definitely a topper. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on this accomplishment. We wish you all the best for your future and we hope you achieve everything you dream of. This is an amazing honor and accomplishment.

We are very proud of you and we know you will set a great example as you prepare to join your industry as a professional.






Andrew Urquiaga

Game & Interactive Media


Andy was recently promoted from Intern to Game Engineer at InContext Solutions. CONGRATULATIONS, Andy! We asked Andy a few questions and here's what he had to say: 


What do you like most about working at InContext Solutions?

The best aspect of working at InContext is definitely the work environment. It's full of fun, positive, and hardworking people. The company really stresses craftsmanship and ownership of your work which helps me do the best that I can in a really positive way.


What piece of advice do you have for TFC candidates currently job searching?

My advice is to keep your goal visualized in your head at all times and don't turn down an opportunity.  It gets tough trying to find a "dream job" and it's important that it might not happen immediately. You have to stay open to all opportunities that come your way, you never know what they will lead to. Every step is a step closer to where you're goal lies.


Check out Andy's work at



On Wednesday, March 23, Career Services took a group of students for a tour of the LinkedIn offices here in Chicago. Students had great questions and certainly made a great impression on our LinkedIn host, Kevin Kurasch! LinkedIn was so excited to have TFC students visit and learn more about the benefits of networking online.




Saturday, April 2nd marked the start of the annual Career Services Week event with Alumni Day kicking the week off. It was a very successful day, starting with the Alumni Panel composed of eight stellar alumni members from various disciplines, followed by an Alumni Reunion!























     Nicky Mazur - Design & Visual Communication

     Justin Jackola - Film

     Molly O'Callagan - Film

     Elizabeth Boyd - Animation & VFX

     Lena Goodnough - Animation & VFX

     Eliana Barnett - Animation & VFX

     Brandon Sanders - Game & Interactive Media

     Kelvin Ingram - Recording Arts


Career Services Week consisted on a series of presentations from various employers, discussing a wide variety of topics in order to help prepare graduating students for the Career Fair, which is the main event concluding Career Services Week. Some of the topics discussed ranged from Personal Branding, the Job Search from an HR Perspective, Partnering with Creative Staffing and Recruiting Agencies, Public Speaking, etc. This year, the following industry professionals graciously took part in Career Services Week:




Jill Hinrichs - Groupon

Temi Famodu - Girl Forward

Angie Gaffney - Stage 18

Deborah Mussolff - Vitamin T

Kyle Presley - Vitamin T

Peter Ganzel - Talent Werks, Inc.

Dan Caffrey - Audiotree, AV Club, Consequence of Sound

Hayley Frey - TFC Counseling Team

Ana De Irisarri - ARU


This year's Career Fair was held on Friday, April 8th, which marked the conclusion of Career Services Week. The Career Fair was truly a success as companies from various industries were present on campus. Career Services received great feedback from both employers and students. It was incredibly energizing to see how excited, eager and prepared TFC students were...and employers certainly took notice! It was also quite incredible to see the same level of excitement from employers eager to meet with students.


The employers who took part in the 2016 Career Fair were:


Disney Interactive



McKeown Enterprises

Netherrealm Studios

Scripps Networks

MainStream Media

Magnanimous Rentals

Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Mill

IATSE Local 2

DDB Chicago


Something New Media

2112 Inc.

Brafton, Inc.


Baron Chocolatier

Fuse Communications

Barkley, Inc.

Hint / Reality Road

Lynn Hazan & Associates

Chicago Stagehand

Elkhorn Entertainment

Big Teeth Productions

MDM Entertainment





April 19th - 21st 

12:00 - 1:00pm @ The Matrix


The organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival have set the dates for the 15th annual edition of the New York City fest, which will run April 13th - 24th, 2016.


For TFF's 2016 edition, the festival's team will jam-pack the Hub with an array of filmmakers, tech innovators, and other high-profile attendees, many of which will be a part of the first installment of TFF's new Tribeca Talks: Storytellers platform, a series of in-depth conversations with leading creators in their respective fields. TFF has already announced the first two confirmed Storytellers, and they're a couple of serious Hollywood heavy-hitters. First up is Tom Hanks, who'll follow up Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies with two high-caliber movies in 2016: Ron Howard's latest Robert Langdon adventure, Inferno, and director Clint Eastwood's Sully Sullenberger biopic, Sully. TFF will also welcome in Tina Fey, whose 2016 itinerary includes starring in Crazy, Stupid, Love. co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa's new comedy, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, and overseeing the second season of the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


Over at the Hub, 10 of TFF 2016's 12 days will be dedicated to immersive storytelling experiences, musical performances, panel discussions, and special guests, including the world premiere ofInvasion!, the first interactive and animated virtual reality film fromBaobab Studios, co-founded by Eric Darnell (co-director of Antz andMadagascar) and Maureen Fan (former VP of Games for Zynga).Invasion! promises sci-fi zaniness akin to Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!, following two fluffy white bunnies as they defend Earth against a legion of alien intruders hell-bent on taking over the planet by any means necessary.


For further details, click HERE!


PROCLAMATION! The Black Composer Speaks celebrates music by African American artists utilizing styles from neoclassical to free improvisation, concerto to collaborative, Afrocentric to abstract. Based on the award-winning treatise by David Baker, the program features three generations of brilliant African American musicians. 


The program’s key collaborators include internationally renowned percussionist and composer Kahil El’Zabar with his Quartet, comprised of Robert Baabe Irving III,Dennis Winslett, and Harrison Bankhead—considered to be the most prolific jazz innovators of their generation. They will perform dramatic improvisatory works in collaboration with Fulcrum Point. We are thrilled to announce the world premiere of“becoming…” by award-winning composerJeffrey Mumford. This concerto is a transcendent trip through cumulus clouds, commissioned for piano virtuoso Winston Choi. The program starts off with Alvin Singleton’s striking “In Our Own House” andJessie Montgomery’s funky “Voodoo Dolz.” 


PROCLAMATION! The Black Composer Speaks is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and New Music USA. To follow the project as it unfolds, visit ourNew Music USA project page.


For further details and to purchase tickets click HERE!

The award-winning feature film called MARIAM, by Saudi filmmaker, Faiza Ambah, will be featured at Tribeca Flashpoint College on Tuesday, April 19th at 6pm. The film is set in France in 2004 and tells the story of a teenage Muslim girl dealing with the new hijab laws in school, general Islamophobia, and teenage angst.


Discussion with the producer, Ms. Faiza Ambah, will follow.


Faiza Ambah is a Saudi filmmaker with a background in journalism. She was Gulf Correspondent for The Washington Post before leaving in 2009 to focus on filmmaking. Her scripts have been supported by the Sundance Institute through the Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab in Jordan, the Dubai International Film Festival, and the Doha Film Institute. She was a jury member at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai in 2013 and organized a festival of Gulf films at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, France the same year. She produced and directed the medium-length narrative film, MARIAM, which won the Special Jury Prize at the 2015 Dubai International Film Festival.  Ambah has a feature-film writing certificate from UCLA extension and has taken directing courses at the Cinematic Arts School at the University of Southern California and the New York Film Academy.


MARIAM is a rare portrait of the coming of age of a Muslim teenage girl in France. In 2004, France passed a law that banned religious symbols from public schools and Mariam is forced to choose between going to school and following her beliefs. The film is beautifully made and it addresses the themes of Islamophobia, the diversity of the Muslim experience, the choice of some Muslim women to wear the hijab, and the assimilation and acceptance of Muslims in the West.


It was the awarded the Special Jury Prize at 2015 Dubai International Film Festival, screened at UNESCO as part of the commemoration of the 2015 International Day of Peace and is scheduled to play at many upcoming festivals around the world.


Date/Time: Tuesday, April 19 at 6pm

Where: TFC Screening Room




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