Ana De Irisarri

Recording Arts 2015 Alumna

Gone Too Soon

Ana De Irisarri. What did you call her? Friend? Colleague? Classmate? Student? Ana? She was called so many things by so many people, but there are no words that can express how dark the day felt when we heard that Ana's energetic and eager flame was no longer among us. Our most sincere condolences to Ana's Family, Friends and Colleagues. 


Her loss is a tremendous one. Not only was Ana too young to leave us so soon but, in my eyes, she was finally in her element. While working with Ana through Career Services, she met with us frequently to discuss strategies in order for her to secure an internship while she was a student here at TFC so she could learn as much as possible and gain as much hands-on experience as she possibly could. Her persistence and determination led her to secure an internship with ARU here in Chicago. Of course Ana was quite ambitious, talented, professional and as we all know, incredibly personable. These amazing qualities led her to secure a permanent position as a Sound Designer and Composer within ARU, where they absolutely loved her. Each time we visited ARU, they made sure to let us know how grateful they were for her joining their team. They seemed to have such a special working relationship. Even their sense of humor was the same. Always picking on each other and making each other laugh.


Ana's memorable personality and her "tell it how it is" approach was always sought after during our Career Services Week campus event, as she was able to honestly communicate to students the importance of, not only networking, but how incredibly important it is to nurture and engage your network. She was truly an inspiration. She helped students tremendously, motivated them and even offered to refer and recommend them in order for them to thrive. Among many of her qualities, her generosity and unique kindness will always be admired.


I will surely miss chatting with Ana in Spanish and commenting on how good it felt to be able to simply speak in she and I used to say, even cursing in Spanish feels so much better! I will miss her smile and most of all, her lovely spirit.


Ana, you will always remain in our hearts and in our thoughts.


¡Te extrañamos mucho, Ana! Hoy y siempre.


Carlos B. Martini

Career Services Manager

Ana was an exceptional person, student, friend and colleague. Her quick wit, exemplary sound design work and her outgoing and helpful personality made sure that she was beloved amongst her fellow students at Tribeca Flashpoint College, in addition to staff and faculty. She continued her success at ARU Chicago, working on many successful commercial audio projects. 


Her generosity knew no bounds and Ana would often go out of her way to support her friends and family, even in the middle of a hectic school year. The faculty always loved her creativity and ability to think outside the box and we fondly remember our many deep conversations with Ana on all matters of life. We will miss her greatly. 

Yuri Lysoivanov

Department Chair, Recording Arts

The Utmost Example of Pursuing Passion

It's always difficult to process the loss of a friend, colleague, family member, or acquaintance. The news of Ana De Irisarri's passing is no exception. While Ana and I only crossed paths for a short period of time in her much too short life, she made a huge impact on me, and I will forever hold her energy, drive, and passion in my heart. 


I first met Ana working as the Career Services Student Advisor at Tribeca Flashpoint College in 2014. Ana, a Columbian transplant to the US, was determined to get a internship prior to graduation that would lead to a full-time position so that she could remain in the States after school. Her aspirations were no different from other students I have worked with. However, it was Ana's drive and dedication to her passion that set her apart from her peers. No matter how impossible or daunting the task ahead might have seemed for Ana, she remained resilient and focused on her goals. 


It was with this that Ana landed her recording internship at ARU in her last term at Tribeca Flashpoint College. It was with this that Ana's internship evolved into a full-time job at ARU shortly after graduating from Tribeca. It was with this that Ana was a regular example of how it is done to current Tribeca Flashpoint students.

It was with this that Ana was the kind of student that got me excited about heading in to work every morning. 

It is with this that Ana's memory will be cherished and rejoiced and remembered. 


Rest in peace, Ana. We will miss you, and we thank you for the joy you brought us all. 

Susan Myburgh

Former Career Services Student Advisor



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